Walterson Roofing is a division of Walterson Group LLC.  As a 3rd generation contractor, John Dye founded the company in 2013.   Walter was his grandfather.  Walter was a masonry contractor who worked in and around the Chicagoland area.  He helped construct everything from homes to skyscrapers throughout his career, but more importantly raised a family of 9 children along with his wife.   The fruits of his labor were invested in the future, through his children.  He instilled family values and taught them the importance of hard work, as well as the vital importance of community.  Those values were never forgotten and continue on years later.

Walterson Roofings’ goal is to preserve the values we were taught, while progressing into the future.  We believe in faith, family, community, and helping others.  We also believe in heritage, and our goal is to build something that generations in the future will be proud of.

Preserving the past, while still progressing into the future

Our values are front and center every time we meet a new friend.  We always make sure to leave everyone with a copy of our carefree guarantee.  It’s in writing for a reason, because we believe its important, we don’t just say it, we stand behind it.  Every single day.