about us

Walterson Roofing is focused on providing the highest quality workmanship and service to every single job. The way it should always be.


our carefree guarantee

  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Full Liability Insurance for Your Protection
  • No Surprise Cost (The price we quote is the price you pay)
  • 30-Point "Perfect Installation" Checklist
  • Certification of Completion Provided on Every Job
  • Magnetic Nail Yard Cleanup
  • Meet or Exceed Local Building Codes

what people are saying

"I am a huge fan of Walterson Roofing. They have done work for some of the largest roofing companies in America. They are based in Martinsville. You can literally use the exact same roofers the pros use when you call them. Highly recommend."
—Mike C.


Company History


Walterson Roofing is a division of Walterson Group LLC.  As a 3rd generation contractor, John Dye founded the company in 2013.   Walter was his grandfather.  Walter was a masonry contractor who worked in and around the Chicagoland area.  He helped construct everything from homes to skyscrapers throughout his career, but more importantly raised a family of 9 children along with his wife.   The fruits of his labor were invested in the future, through his children.  He instilled family values and taught them the importance of hard work, as well as the vital importance of community.  Those values were never forgotten and continue on years later.

Walterson Roofings’ goal is to preserve the values we were taught, while progressing into the future.  We believe in faith, family, community, and helping others.  We also believe in heritage, and our goal is to build something that generations in the future will be proud of.

Preserving the past, while still progressing into the future

Our values are front and center every time we meet a new friend.  We always make sure to leave everyone with a copy of our carefree guarantee.  It’s in writing for a reason, because we believe its important, we don’t just say it, we stand behind it.  Every single day.


Our Team


John Dye

Managing Partner

John is the guy that put it all together initially.  His vision for what a roofing company should look like is what made it all possible.  John has spent years in the construction industry as well as the insurance restoration industry.  Beyond roofs, John has been involved in full home rehabs, and most recently, full home construction. When he’s not working, you’ll probably find him exploring or maybe enjoying a day on the slopes.  


Sean Keough

Production Manager

Sean has been with Walterson Roofing since the beginning and has proven to be the glue that holds the team and process together. Sean spends most of his time servicing our clients during the production process, making sure that the schedule is on point and everyone has what they need. He also spends time checking the quality of our work and crew members. In the evenings you’ll probably find him on a softball field or watching the amazing Chicago Cubs!


Ryan Thomas

General Manager “The Director”

Ryan is our fearless day to day leader. Ryan is a proven business leader that brings a unique perspective the roofing and restoration business.  During the week he’s a roofer, on the weekends he is a pastor and runs multiple non profit ministries. He also volunteers his time and talent with Compassion Services Internation (CSI), which provides aid to victims of natural disaster and other compassion services. We at Walterson Roofing are proud to have him on our team!


Garry Hampton

Product Expert

Garry came to Walterson Roofing with a unique background that has proven to be invaluable.  In his former career life, Garry worked on the supplier side of the business.  He helped contractors decide what material was best for each application.  Garry has been a natural fit to our team, and were thrilled to have him with us.  When hes not talking roofing materials, you can probably find Garry enjoying his amazing family and kids!  


Priscilla Turley

Administrative Manager

Priscilla is the glue that keeps the team together and running smoothly. She makes sure that we are all looking our best and somehow has a way of bringing out the best in the team. Our office looks and feels the way it does because of her attention to detail and excellence.  


John Dye Sr.

Senior Installation Expert

As a direct decendent to Walter Dye, John Sr. shows the same attention to detail and workmanship that his father had.  Every time we get the priveledge to work with him on a project, we always learn something new.  


Tyler Hawkins

Client Expert

Tyler came to us this year to help us grow our relationship with some of our existing clients and has really found his place on our team.  Tyler has experience as a former roof installer and it shows in the field.  He has a really amazing eye for detail and helping our clients make the right repair choices and identifying potential trouble areas.  Watch out if you happen to go up against him in a softball game, his knack for hitting homers is pretty unparalleled.


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