Walterson Roofing
Walterson Roofing

No Gimmicks. Just Roofing.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  Provide a great product, in an efficient timeframe, with less drama.

How We’re Different

We aren’t a marketing company.  We’re a real roofing company.   We don’t run crazy promotions, nor are we sitting around waiting for a hail storm to boost our companies bottom line.  We are focussing on providing you a simple, hassle free roofing system at a price you can afford.  We’ve done everything from single family homes to massive apartment complexes.  We’re real roofers.

Experience the Difference

When you’re ready to just get a roof, and not a sales pitch, call us.  We know what we’re talking about, but we also know what you really need, not what someone wants to sell you.  It’s a simple purchase, if done right.


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